Ecommerce – One Size Does NOT Fit All.

December 27, 2020


As we lean into the final week of 2020 and ramp up the planning for executing changes to business models for 2021, I have seen and read article after article being shared to advise businesses of the need to “pivot” and build or build up on their existing ecommerce revenue stream.

In general, I agree that for many businesses this will create opportunity to stabilize revenue and navigate what is expected to remain a difficult path forward for businesses during 2021. However, the general information shared isn’t sufficient to assess the complexities in building a successful ecommerce revenue stream.

A successful transition towards or new implementation of ecommerce will vary in design dependent on a business and the systems that are currently in place.

There is discussion to be had surrounding the level of integration required with the web shop and the handling of data between systems, whether in real time or not.

Sharing a brief overview based on my implementation experience and happy to chat with anyone interested in learning more about the tools and methods of integration that could be optimal for your business to gain real-time insights and reduce the level of manual interference of data.

Interested in chatting further?

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