Who or what is The Modern Accountant?

Yes, there is the accounting, payroll and tax experience but that’s barely breaking the surface of who I am and what I offer my clients.

My brief bio: by the age of 40 I was a designated CPA, Published Author, Professor, Award Winning Content Writer, Academic Advisory member for CPA Canada, owner of a consulting agency with a 0% rejection rate, Mother of 2, ADHD Mom and survivor of a nearly fatal hit and run accident. Just a brief version!

I have been told this sounds exhausting, the road was long and hard but that’s where all the lessons lay. No regrets.

I can tell you about some of the greatest successes, like for one engagement I had to move and validate 261,000 journal entries AND then I was advised that I could not fly back home to Toronto because the business had a change of heart in the process we designed.  I reversed everything and made it home on time.

I could tell you about the learning and development program that I created for the largest tax software company out there and how it has yielded great success in training, employee and customer satisfaction.

Perhaps we can talk about the surreal first time I stood at a podium facing MY classroom of students.  One of the greatest achievements of my career was to have the privilege to teach business and accounting to university students and share with them what it means to be in the field from a practical perspective versus textbook.  To hear a student say, “it’s amazing how excited you get when you talk about accounting and business.” was nothing short of humbling each and every day.

The awards? Yes, I have won a few and had my book nominated for the 2018 National Business Book Award. These are great feelings but truly the feedback from the readers and users of the content means the most. Connecting with people and helping them far exceeds all else for me.

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Now, I could share with you a story about a time a colleague and I competed for the same job and I got it. I could tell you that he told a room of 35 people that I had no business getting that job and proceeded to shred through a batch of accounting documents with a letter opener in a fit of rage BUT I would rather share the learnings.

Today I understand why he reacted that way. I understand much more about my own obstacles and all those that have been shared with me. I got the job because I knew my value and I knew how to demonstrate and in essence, sell my value.

When someone asks me how I managed to accomplish so much so soon, initially I would shrug and say I have no idea…I just did it and didn’t let anything hold me back.

But in late 2017 I realized, after losing my first book because it wasn’t academic enough, how I achieved success and it wasn’t by chasing success. It was by looking for VALUE. Hence the birth of my 5-I framework for finding value. I realized that without knowing it I had been consistently been applying a logic and method to look at everything I worked on, and it continued to work time after time. And guess what? When I don’t apply it? Things don’t work out.
This is what I bring to every engagement, every inquiry and every “can I pick your brain Stef” conversation.
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