So what do I do as The Modern Accountant?

Definitely in the business of cleaning up Accounting messes. Whether you need to reconcile accounts, redefine your processes, or get your books organized. I can help.

What else?

Business Systems Analysis – together we prepare the framework and roadmap for your business and define end-to-end who and what resources you need in place to maximize your business and ultimately profits. We layer in the right people and processes to be relevant with business today and of course assess and determine the right technology tools needed to run your business.

Keep going?

Let’s motivate your team, whether it be by reviewing your learning and development program to determine if you need an upgrade or by hosting workshops for your employees to bring out their value and eliminate non-value add processes, together we can do this.

How do I work?

In my book, Beyond the Numbers: See Your True Value and Lead From Where You Are, I share my 5-1™ framework for value creation and assessment.

This is the same framework that I have used in my own career to evaluate myself, roles, projects and teams. (read my About bio for more!)

It is the method that I have successfully used when working with organizations, like the largest sparkling water maker or most widely know tax software provider and even an Emmy Award Winning podcast.

Consulting (1)

Using this methodology not only have my clients received the results they were looking for but also in ensuring that whether I am dealing with an individual, team or total organization that I create connections with people so that together we determine where value lives and where we can create it for the greater benefit of all. This has been the formula to my success, no gimmick, no shtick and certainly no large capital investment. Anyone who has worked with me will tell you, I am as real as they come and genuinely care to see everyone succeed.

I assessed myself and my career and realized there was a method to my delivery and approach and there was a framework for success. Which I now share with all of you by simply encouraging you to ask the right questions.

Let’s set up a free consult and talk about your needs.

Guiding Your Company Through Management and Process Changes

Serving business owners in Toronto, ON, The Modern Accountant will lead you through every step of business transition using Stefanie Ricchio’s tried and tested 5-I™ framework for analyzing operational processes and associate success. We fully understand that people, efficient businesses, data and financial reporting are key to achieving organizational success. Trust us to develop the framework and road map needed to fulfill your operational and accounting needs, taking the non-value adding activities out of your business so you can focus on building value in the present and into the future.