Sharing Inspirational Stories to Business Professionals

Stef LOVES to Speak….with my friends at CPA Canada or the TDSB or many of the private organizations I consult with. It is a passion and gift to be able to stand before an audience and share my story.

I love to talk all things business, from initial design and planning of the business operations, through challenges and of course the financial and accounting side of the world.

But more than that, I want to share my personal stories of triumph and success but the losses and obstacles.

Sharing my candid stories of being a working woman and mother resonate with many, the road hasn’t always been clear and open and in my gratitude of making to the other side, I will always pay it forward by sharing the good, bad and the UGLY!

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I’m a No Holds Barred Kinda Girl and My Talks Are All Filler and No Fluff

I promise your audience will be entertained, engaged and inspired to start a revolution of their own (it can be a quiet one, if you like!)

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A Few of My Signature Moves…

Step into your success and leadership with the 5-I™ Framework, the answers lay within you!

Beyond the Numbers, a successful entrepreneur or career professional sees more than just numbers.

Storytelling: my strongest attribute is telling my stories. From a hit and run car crash to workplace harassment to being yelled at for asking for a fair wage, these are the stories that resonate with many.

Have an unmotivated accounting team? Let’s schedule one on one development sessions to assess where your team is at and how we can work together to bring out their value and share it throughout your organization!

And if You’d Like Me To Run a Guest Workshop….

Self Improvement:

How to find your value and step up….

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The end to end of your business….

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How the world will come at you and how you can win….

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